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A safe, comfortable habitat for nesting
birds away from onshore predation.

Species specific materials such
as gravel, reeds or planted base.

Bird ramps allow for
easy access to the islands.

Lo maintenance self-
managing native ecology.

Floating plants absorb
10-20 times more pollutants
than they would on shore.

Fish thrive under our islands
finding food & safety from

Tough float system with stainless
steel components withstand flood
conditions and provide a life
expectancy over 20 years.

Unique quick connect system
allows easy customisation and
adjustment to suit your project site.

Versatile modular structure
can be customised to
hundreds of shapes and sizes.

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Floating Island Bird Refuge

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds recommends the use of floating islands to increase breeding success and provide year round bird habitat.  The use of bird habitat islands shows a commitment to wildlife protection, while offering an ideal educational opportunity and community focal point.  We use long life marine grade materials, offering an easy to install modular system available in many shapes and sizes.  Islands are designed with planted areas for a natural waterscape aesthetic.

  • Buoyancy level can be engineered to carry driftwood, trees or rock features.
  • Islands can be installed with gravel, reeds and plants for specific nesting requirements.
  • Marine-engineered production for long-term durability.  Thermo-fused tough floats, UV resistance (no Styrofoam or PVC used).
  • Maintenance free, year round haven from ground predators to increase breeding success rates.
  • Extended root structures beneath islands attract biofilm thus improving water quality.

Fish Sanctuary & Refuge

Our fish refuge islands provide a natural sanctuary for fish.  The planted structure allows fish to seek shelter and habitat to feed amongst the plant roots.  An optional subsurface screen mesh can be added for underwater protection of young fish.

  • The extended root structure beneath the water provides a biological matrix which supports good water quality and provides food for fish.
  • Protected HDPE mesh can be attached to protect spawning fish from otter, mink & predatory fish.
  • Thermo-fused tough floats are durable and UV resistant.
  • No styrofoam or PVC materials are used in the fabrication of our island components.

Fish Swims Below Biomatrix Island in this Underwater Footage