Active Island Reactors

A floating water treatment system

Improve water quality with active treatment

The Active Island Reactor is an engineered floating ecology designed to optimise powerful natural treatment processes within a planted aquatic landscape feature. The AIR combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with new biofilm research and wastewater treatment processes. Whole system engineered ecologies provide an energy efficient, low life cycle cost treatment solution. The system is suitable for contaminated canals, rivers, lakes and reservoirs, as well as providing effective treatment of high strength waste in purpose built treatment cells, ponds or tanks.


  • Rivers, canals and lakes
  • Storm water treatment
  • Combined sewage outflows
  • Agricultural and industrial applications
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Urban waterways and waterfront restoration


  • Marine grade structure
  • Attractive landscape feature
  • Low capital and operational cost per m3 capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Moveable island structure
  • Variable operation, adjustable to seasonal requirements
  • Suitable for tropical and temperate climates

How treatment works

Polluted water is drawn into the system from underneath by the aerator circulator power train. The influent water is mixed with air at the centre of the system and a mixture of fine bubbles and water is propelled out from the power train into the Dynamic Biofilter Media and the plant’s root system.



Billions of bacteria trap, consume, break down and transform water contaminants. As water circulates, the entire aquatic ecology becomes activated, increasing performance.

Capital cost per kg of pollution removed is typically less than half the cost of conventional wastewater treatment plants due to integration and activation of the surrounding waterway environment. Operational costs per kg removed are typically 15-20% lower than conventional treatment of the same capacity as a result of activated natural treatment processes.