Urban Basins & Ponds

Bring the City to Life

Transform dull urban basins & ponds into thriving urban oasis

Ponds and basins are often treasured yet underdeveloped parts of a city. Water features are essential in an urban area to mitigate urban heat effects in summer. Often, these features are hard-edged, lined with concrete, stone or steel and the water is of low quality due to lack of circulation, depth and shade. This may result in areas being under-utilised, littered and generally unattractive.

Floating Ecosystems can be the injection of life an area needs, as the islands provide an opportunity for nature and wildlife to take hold. Islands break up open water surfaces and provide shade under water. Microbes in amongst the plant roots break down pollution and nutrients, and are a shelter and feeding ground for small fish. The water purifying function can be aided with adding mechanical aeration or fountains to bring movement and oxygen into the water. Birds can find an undisturbed nesting and resting space in areas where there is often little safety.

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Bridgewater Basin