Floating Farms

Grow food on the water

Floating Ecosystems can be used as garden beds to grow edible crops

Floating Riverbanks can be planted with edible crops so that the banks of canals and rivers can be transformed into floating farms.  This can provide inspiration and food for local populations that live alongside or visit the waterscape.  Floating Farms can also be positioned next to house boats or floating houses, waterside cafes and businesses, or docks and recreation islands where land is limited and the ability to grow food on the water is highly beneficial.

Vegetable and fruit seedlings can be planted into the planting rows on Biomatrix 3D Floating Ecosystem modules.  The planting substrate supports the new shoots and helps to maintain moisture and fertility.  As they grow, the media adjusts to support their size.  Once the vegetables or fruits have been harvested the plants can be removed and new seedlings planted in their place.

Floating walkways can be combined with Floating Ecosystems to create larger floating farms and allow for easy access for planting and harvesting crops.

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