Floating Ecosystems

Floating Ecosystem Modules

A versatile interlocking system which can be configured to fit site conditions

Floating Ecosystem Modules have multiple benefits including habitat creation, urban waterscaping, water quality management and wastewater treatment.


    The floating islands transform hard-edged waterbodies into living water parks, increasing public amenity and recreation on appeal, raising the value and quality of surrounding properties.


    Specially tailored platforms provide a sheltered refuge for birds safe from disturbance. A mix of habitat types can be created for specific species.


    Biomatrix builds the strongest floating ecosystems available with a pull strength of over 2,500 kg. This allows our clients to install projects in challenging and dynamic water condi ons.


    Five interlocking components can be configured to form hundreds of Floating Island and Floating Riverbank shapes and are connected with tough stainless steel quick connect flanges.


    Materials are carefully selected for recycled content and recylability and only non-toxic materials are used. Once grown, the system is typically 60% living biomass and 30% marine engineered materials.


    Biomatrix floating ecosystems are the longest lasting available using heavy duty marine engineering materials, including 316 Stainless Steel and HDPE with a typical lifetime of over 20 years.


    A subsurface forest of roots provides shelter for fish and ideal feeding grounds, improving fish stocks.


    A micro-wilderness of submerged roots creates an ideal habitat for millions of microorganisms, which use algae, carbon and excess nutrients in the water as a food source, purifying the water.

3D Planting System

The multiple layers and flexible lanes of the 3D planting system support plant biodiversity

5D Planting System

The natural open beds of the 5D planting system draw inspiration from biomimicry based on the natural integrating clay, wood, and silt substrates.

SS Quick Connect Flanges

Stainless Steel flange connections join modules together with the capability to adjust rigidity, to pivot and to angle

Independent Tough Floats

Each float is independently manufactured and sealed to provide the strongest and longest lasting Floating Ecosystem available

Interlocking Components

12 standard component sizes interlock to create hundreds of ecosystems shapes to match site conditions

Specialist Solutions

Such as high buoyancy planters and submerged ecosystem modules create unique habitats for people and wildlife




3D Floating Ecosystem

  • Planting =  3D Lanes
  • Bolting  = Double SS 316
  • Strength = 3,000kg

3D modules are designed to be planted with individual plants and may be arranged according to a planting design. Six layers of material in the planting lane construction provide a flexible substrate that adapts to a wide range of plant sizes. 3D modules are suited to all types of planting and are our most popular ecosystem module.

4D Floating Ecosystem

  • Planting =  3D Lanes
  • Bolting  = Triple SS 316
  • Strength = 3,500kg

The 4D matrix is our strongest floating ecosystem.  Structurally upgraded from the 3D with triple bolting to be applied in even more challenging and dynamic environments. 4D modules are suited to all types of planting and are recommended for locations with waves or flowing water.

5D Floating Ecosystem

  • Planting = universal
  • Can be designed to 3D or 4D bolting and strength depending on the requirements.

The 5D matrix integrates clay, wood, and silt substrates to support a diversity of plant species. Planting is straightforward and not limited to lanes.  Attractive in all seasons and especially suited to locations where winter aesthetics are important. Biomimics the natural banks of rivers and estuaries.

Floating Tree Planters

Submerged Ecosystems

High Buoyancy Floating Planters have ~ 250 kilos of buoyancy supporting a central planting basket, which can hold 75 liters of soil and support small trees and shrubs for vertical planting and habitat variety.

Submerged modules can support a wide range of media from 3D planting lanes and gravel to specialist Ecocean Biohut® fish shelter media. Submerged sections can be un-planted or can be planted with water lilies and other submerged species.

Island Modules 2.3m x 1.15m

TZ2.3 RH 2m2 2.3x1.15m

TZ2.3 LH 2m2 2.3x1.15m

T2.3 1.3m2 2.3x1.15m

R2.3 2.6m2 2.3x1.5m

T2.3 LH 1.3m2 2.3x1.15m

T2.3 RH 1.3m2 2.3x1.15m

Z2.3 1.7m2 2.3x1.15m

HB2.3 2.6m2 2.3x1.15m

Island Modules 3 x 1.15m

R3 3.5m2 3x1.15m

T3 RH 1.7m2 3x1.15m

T3 LH 1.7m2 3x1.15m

HB3 3.5m2 3x1.15m

Example Design Elements

Floating Ecosystems in Location

Click on the numbers below to see the many applications for Floating Ecosystems.



Add ecological and landscape value and increase water quality in RESERVOIRS and large water-bodies using floating islands.

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Helix Flow

HELIX FLOW REACTOR decentralised integrated wastewater treatment.

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Living Marinas

Bring new life and green space to hard-edged MARINAS.

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Increase the performance of SUDS projects with floating technology responding to changing water levels and increasing habitat and water quality.

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Floating Riverwalks

FLOATING RIVERWALKS bring out the potential of waterways and maximise their amenity value.

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Fish Habitat

Floating Ecosystems improve FISH HABITAT by providing shelter and feeding grounds for fish.

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Active Island

Treat urban wastewater and storm water using ACTIVE ISLAND REACTORS that aerate and circulate the water.

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Floating Riverbanks

FLOATING RIVERBANKS revitalise vertical concrete or sheet pile water edges by creating soft green edges.

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Urban Basins and Ponds

Create attractive green havens for wildlife and people by maximising the potential of urban URBAN BASINS AND PONDS.

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Bird Habitat

Floating islands improve BIRD HABITAT by creating sheltered and undisturbed nesting and preening platforms.

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