Habitat Creation

Increase Wildlife Habitat & Biodiversity

Floating Ecosystems can be custom designed to create an ideal habitat for wildlife

Urban water features are often hard-edged with vertical concrete banks that allow little space for wildlife and plants to settle. This is a missed opportunity, because water features can, with some small interventions, become bustling hotspots for wildlife that are much needed in the hostile urban environment. Native wildflowers, insects, fish, birds and reptiles are all invaluable in a healthy, attractive and vibrant water feature.


Green planted islands and edges provide invaluable shelter and resting grounds for aquatic birds such as ducks, coots and moorhens.

Extra nesting space can be added in the form of special bird-platforms that can be part of the floating island or bank.

Especially when located away from the water’s edge, birds will benefit from a sheltered nesting spot, safe from human disturbances and predators.


Below the water surface, underneath the island, a micro-wilderness of submerged plant roots provide excellent feeding grounds for aquatic insects, invertebrates and fish.

Even the hollow space inside the island structure is a habitat for microorganisms, providing food for fish in turn. Smaller fish often find a hiding space in amongst the plant roots to protect themselves against larger predators.


Bees, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, flies & flower beetles are attracted to the flowering plants that grow on Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems.  Not only do these species pollinate our food crops, but they’re also vital for the survival of other wild plants and the species that depend on them.

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