The Helix Flow Reactor has been engineered to provide a low cost, high performing modular ecological wastewater treatment system, which treats wastewater to achieve water-reuse standards and improve water security and reduce water and wastewater costs for our clients and partners.

The system components, manufactured off-site and delivered by truck in easy to assemble modular sections, minimize construction time and allow a highly cost competitive and treatment solution suitable for applications ranging from under 10m3/day to over 5000m3/day.

The Helix Flow system is currently being deployed in the UK in the food and drink sector to provide a natural water treatment solution, and systems are being designed and proposed for two significant residential developments Scotland.  Internationally, we are working on a new treatment system for textile factory a project in Nagpur India, and exploring further opportunities in Tamil Nadu in the Chennai area.


Flexible Treatment to Suit Your Specific Needs

  • Suitable for industrial, municipal and food & beverage processing sites.
  • Rapid construction.
  • Flexible Design suits applications with phased loadings.
  • Thermo-fused tough floats are durable and UV resistant.
  • Excellent retrofitting option the cascade can upgrade existing treatment plants.  Prefabricated treatment islands to be added to existing lagoons and/or tanks.

Full Scale Kit Installation


Robust Biological Matrix

The components of the system form a complex matrix of biological reactions and treatment processes.  The resulting system is a robust, ecologically engineered treatment solution, which harnesses the complex power of nature to provide effective treatment of BOD, COD, TSS, nutrients and pathogens.

At the core of the system is an innovative floating platform system with planted ecologies, specialized attached growth treatment media. These elements provide the structure and the substrate to support a diversity of aquatic life forms adapted to thrive by metabolizing and removing nutrients from the waste stream. This process produces an efficient system with minimal sludge production.

Ecological Toolbox


Modular Design

The modular design of the Biomatrix system provides a cost competitive solution for wastewater treatment, suitable for industrial, municipal, and food and beverage processing sites, with flows ranging in scale from the medium sized development to the high volume municipal or industrial application.  As the system does not require a building or concrete super structure, construction time is measured in weeks rather than months.


5 Stages of the Biomatrix Helix Flow Reactor

  • Stage 1

    Headworks are designed according to the specific characteristics of the waste stream. Components can include screening, degritting & dissolved air floatation.

  • Stage 2

    Anaerobic, anoxic & aerobic treatment occurs in the first stages of the system. Biological phosphorous removal & denitrification take place in these stages.

  • Stage 3

    Aerobic treatment occurs in a series of two to five aerobic reactors. BOD & COD removal and nitrification occurs in the aerobic phase.

  • Stage 4

    In the clarification stage, bacterial flocs & sloughed biofilms are precipitated. Settled sludge is recycled to innoculate the incoming waste and excell sludge is removed for sludge treatment.

  • Stage 5

    Polishing & disinfection are provided as optional steps where high levels of treatment are required for reuse. Polishing options include micro-filtration & sand filtration. Disinfection is typically UV.

Sophisticated Controls

The Biomatrix Helix Flow Reactor incorporates sophisticated controls which allow each stage in the treatment train to be adjusted to provide a dynamic response to changing influent flow and loading. Key treatment process are controlled through continuous online monitoring to maximize both energy and treatment efficiency. Recycle rates, Dissolved Oxygen levels and sludge retention times can all be adjusted manually or automatically to optimize the treatment process.

Cost Effective Treatment

The capital and operational cast of a Biomatrix is competitive with conventional wastewater treatment technologies. The use of modular and easy to install systems and reduced construction time. are a key feature of the cost saving advantages. Operation is straightforward and can be adjusted to influent variations, either manually or automatically. The complex ecologies which provide the principle treatment are self-organizing and require minimal maintenance, reducing O&M costs and providing excellent value from construction to operation.