Land & Water Services, pharm Biomatrix Water and Terraqua Environmental Solutions, order were commissioned by the Canal & River Trust to provide river bank protection and new habitat, to restore a vertical concrete edged section of the River Brent. The project team was tasked with creating new riparian habitat without obstructing flow or navigability of the waterway.

Just Installed


Newly Planted


Fully Grown


Biomatrix Water’s Floating Edge Ecosystem technology was selected because of its durability, and it’s ability to provide a restoration solution without obstructing the cross-sectional water flow area of the river.

The 124 meters long Floating Edge Ecosystem was engineered with stainless steel guide rails, which allow the system to move up & down with the changing water levels. Natural curvature and angled deflectors allow the water and any flotsam to flow past smoothly.

The floating nature of the system, and the ability for water to flow smoothly underneath were important features for the approval of the Environmental Agency (EA) in the flood prone location.



  • 150 square meters of ideal riparian habitat created
  • Angle deflectors to avoid build up of flotsam
  • Embankment protected from erosion from boat wash
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimal disturbance to sight or surroundings
  • Increased aesthetic amenity
  • Cost saving technology