Last Spring’s Floating Islands Thrive in Killingworth Lake

Last Spring’s Floating Islands Thrive in Killingworth Lake

In March 2019 the Biomatrix team installed a series of three Floating Ecosystems at Killingworth Lake outside of Newcastle. This week our team has been on-site for an annual inspection and we are pleased to share with you the incredible change that occurred in the year.

The islands are thriving and full of life, literally hopping with birds and a rich mix of native aquatic plants.

The islands were designed, built, and installed by Biomatrix, and the project was delivered by Esh-Stantec for Northumbrian Water in coordination with the Environment Agency and the Council.

Primary School students from the local Westmoor School helped to plant the islands, giving a hand to help enhance their local ecosystem. Now when they visit the lake they feel a connection to the Floating Islands.

"We're here today with Biomatrix helping to introduce some floating island or ecosystems to help improve the water quality of the lake and provide better habitat for the wildlife that uses it."

Richard Brown, Project Manager for Esh Stantec on behalf of Northumbrian Water

Watch this short video to see footage of the Floating Ecosystems on Killingworth Lake.

Before & After Images 2019 to 2020

"While working at Biomatrix Water I have helped build hundreds of Floating Ecosystems. During my recent visit to Killingworth Lakeside Park it was an absolute pleasure to see how well they are doing and the difference they have made to the lake. While we were tending to the islands we could see how much the local wildlife has been using them by the vast quantities of empty nests, and tunnels left from the birds for rearing young and for shelter. Following a successful day and lovely feedback from locals, we left the area feeling really proud of the Floating Ecosystems we create here at Biomatrix Water and ready for the next project!"

Peter Hoyle, Operations Manager at Biomatrix Water

Local Resident, Wally Gargett and his trusty drone Magpie have taken great images since installation, thank you Wally and Magpie!