Wild Mile Floating Park 2024

Wild Mile Floating Park 2024

We are delighted to share with you an exciting update on our ongoing collaboration with Urban Rivers in Chicago, as we get ready to embark on the next phase of the Wild Mile Floating Park to be launched this spring. Check out this newly released video, created by Urban Rivers, about this transformative project, which uses Floating Ecosystems to form an intricate tapestry of nature and innovation that defines the Wild Mile Floating Park.

In this video, you will witness the convergence of sustainability and creativity, weaving together the latest cutting-edge Floating Ecosystem technology, and community involvement and interaction, with a profound reverence for nature. The Wild Mile is all about bringing the balance of healthy aquatic ecosystems into the bustling energy of urban life.

Since 2017, Biomatrix Water has had the privilege of joining forces with Urban Rivers, and other key project partners, pioneering the transformation of this section of Chicago’s river front into a vibrant, ecologically-rich sanctuary. Through our collective efforts, we have witnessed the evolution of the Wild Mile from a visionary concept to a living reality.

“Rivers are the lifeblood of our civilisation. From ancient Mesopotamia to the sprawling cities of today our journey has always been intertwined with our waterways.  But our cities rivers, once the driver of economic progress, have now become an industrial relic to a bygone era, with edges of steel and devoid of nature.  We stand at a crossroads… what’s next?”
– Nick Wesley of Urban Rivers

What’s next is regenerating our waterways, transforming them into wildlife corridors and places of sanctuary for nature and for people!