Products Overview

Floating Ecosystems

Floating Ecosystem modules are a versatile interlocking system which can be configured to fit site conditions. Floating Ecosystem Modules have multiple benefits including habitat creation, urban waterscaping, water quality management and wastewater treatment. Learn More >

Floating Parks & Floating Wetland Boardwalks

Make floating wetland ecosystems accessible to visitors, schools, and researchers by integrating them with floating walkway components.  Walkways and floating platforms can be added as community spaces, classrooms, picnic areas, observation decks, kayak launches, or fishing spots. Learn More >

Active Island Reactors

The Active Island Reactor (AIR) is an engineered floating ecology integrating aeration and circulation to optimise powerful natural treatment processes within a planted aquatic landscape feature. The AIR combines the latest developments in ecological engineering with new biofilm research and wastewater treatment processes.  Learn More >

Solar Islands

Biomatrix floating modules are ideally suited for solar panels. Projects have the unique capacity to integrate Photovoltaics with Photosynthetic process, (PV+PS)  to power Solar Active Island Reactors or feed the grid, while improving habitat, biodiversity and waterscape beauty.  Learn More >

MSR Constructed Wetlands

The low-carbon, ecological option for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water recycling. The Multi-Stage Recirculating Constructed Wetland (MSR Constructed Wetland) harnesses the powerful treatment capacity of natural wetlands in a landscape integrated environment. Learn More >

Helix Flow Reactor

The Helix Flow Reactor is an engineered modular ecological wastewater treatment system with a smaller footprint than a constructed wetland.  This is appropriate for high strength influent.  Learn More>

Dynamic Biofilter Media

Dynamic Biofilm Media provides a high surface area attached growth treatment media allowing fixed film processes to be established in open water conditions. The Media’s helical design makes it self cleaning and adaptable to high flow conditions. Its high surface area and coral reef biomimicry inspired design make it an ideal fish shelter. Learn More >


Biomatrix works with clients,  partners and regional nurseries to provide a planting selection that fits the ecology and design intent of the project site. Planting can be native, ornamental, edible, aquatic, terrestrial, or bespoke. For more details get in touch or Learn More >