Floating Islands

Floating islands for water quality enhancement and habitat creation.  These floating treatment wetlands increase biodiversity, improve the aesthetics of the waterscape and attract visitors.

Active Island Benefits

  • Ideal for improving water quality in rivers, canals or lakes.
  • Ready to install components available in natural shapes.
  • Perfect habitat for fish, birds, turtles & aquatic biodiversity.

Turbo Active Island Reactors

These floating treatment wetlands include aeration for turbo charged water treatment of polluted waterways.  These are best suited for heavily polluted situations where improving water quality is the top priority.

Turbo Active Island Reactor Benefits

  • Ideal for treating contaminated canals, rivers or lakes.
  • Low lifecycle cost secondary and tertiary system.
  • Modular system is easy to install and to move once water is treated if needed.
floating riverbank

Floating Riverbanks

Floating riverbanks are a ready to install modular floating treatment wetland system which transforms degraded waterways with hard steel or concrete edges into vibrant living riverbanks.

Active Edge Benefits

  • Improves water quality.
  • Attractive waterscape aesthetic.
  • Ideally suited for waterfront restoration projects.
  • Less expensive than civil works alternatives = cost saving technology.

Bird Habitat Islands

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds recommends the use of floating nesting islands to increase breeding success and provide year round bird habitat.  These islands offer the ideal safe floating habitat for birds.

Bird Habitat Island Benefits

  • Demonstrates commitment to wildlife protection.
  • Provides a safe habitat away from onshore predation.
  • Custom designed in any shape and can include species specific nesting requirements.

Helix Flow Reactor

Ecologically engineered wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial wastewater.  These can be based in greenhouses, containers or in the landscape and provide a proven cost effective solution for treating wastewater.

Spiral Flow Cascade Reactor Benefits

  • Low energy and lifecycle cost wastewater treatment system.
  • High quality treated effluent can be used for water recycling.
  • Natural wastewater treatment without the use of chemicals.

Biofilter Media

Biomatrix Biofilter Media provides the ideal habitat for growing and sustaining biofilms that clean water.  One meter of dynamic media column equals approximately 15 m2 of root surface.  This means that Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems have increased water treatment capacity, providing impressive water quality results.

Biofilter Media Benefits

  • Improves water quality.
  • Increases the active biofilm surface of plant roots by 15 times.
  • Won’t tangle, collect rubbish or deteriorate.