Reservoir Enhancement

Protect and restore these vital resources

Restoring natural nutrient management in water bodies with limited riparian ecosystems and changing water levels

Reservoirs vary in water level throughout the year, with water levels increasing during the wet season, and decreasing during the dry season as water is used and drawn down. The necessary variation in water level within reservoirs significantly limits the development of a mature and productive riparian ecosystem around the reservoirs edge, with most reservoirs having little to no functioning riparian ecosystems.


Riparian / Wetland ecosystems are well known to be some of the most biodiverse and important ecosystems, critical for many species of fish and aquatic life, as well as for effective nutrient uptake and storage.


Floating ecosystems provide a concentrated riparian wetland effect, which can readily be applied to restore ecological function and balance in reservoirs.


A reservoir with little riparian ecosystem becomes sensitive and susceptible to nutrient loading and algae outbreaks, since there there are only limited natural pathways for nutrients to be incorporated into the aquatic food chain. In these situations, a relatively small amount of incoming nutrients can lead to a significant decline in water quality. Floating ecosystems can greatly help to improve the water quality, as the plant roots have the capacity to convert nutrients from the water into an ecological food source. Read more about how floating ecosystems can be used for water quality management here.

Create space for wildlife

Because of their size and depth, reservoirs are often devoid of ecological value. There is great potential for aquatic life and bird-life here, especially for nesting birds that need safety from land-based predators. The addition of floating ecosystems can break up the large open water space and offer valuable habitat space above as well as below the water. Bird nesting platforms can be vital for breeding bird populations or to provide a resting place for migratory birds. By integrating submerged island modules, greater variation in habitat types and planting can be achieved. Learn more about the benefits of floating ecosystems for wildlife on this page.


The sheer size of a water body can result in a lot of force from waves and winds, therefore we work with engineers at Gaelforce to provide heavy duty marine anchoring hardware that is suitable for the dynamic water conditions on site.

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