Solar Islands

Floating islands for solar panels

Generate energy while increasing biodiversity

Biomatrix floating modules are ideally suited for integration with commercial modular floating solar systems or for mounting solar panels directly on to the Biomatrix module.  Floating Ecosystems and floating solar projects have the unique capacity to integrate Photovoltaics with Photosynthetic process, (PV+PS)  to power Solar Active Island Reactors or feed the grid, while improving habitat, biodiversity and waterscape beauty.

A few benefits:

  • The production of clean, renewable energy reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Save valuable land space by using often unused open water bodies such as lakes or reservoirs.


The Biomatrix approach to floating solar is unique in that it offers the opportunity to add ecological and aesthetic value by integrating floating ecosystems into the structure. The vegetation of the floating islands can be used to provide a softening, visual screening effect of the solar panels. The Biomatrix modular system offers a unique design flexibility, allowing for the creation of truly innovative and eye-catching sustainable energy-landscapes.