Brodie Pond Floating Biosculpture


Biomatrix was commissioned to develop a series of floating ecosystems to form a biological sculpture on the grounds of Brodie Castle in the north of Scotland. This project created not only habitat for birds, fish and other species, but also allowed local students to engage in an exciting hands-on learning project. The project was part of the Findhorn Bay Arts festival in 2016, a six-day event showcasing Scottish creative talent.

The floating ecosystem demonstrates the symbiosis between nature and technology.

The biosculpture consists of a series of gently curving floating islands, all with preening and nesting platforms for birds.

It forms an attractive aesthetic water feature, while also improving the water quality and providing wildlife habitat.

Biomatrix partner Lisa Shaw exhibited a series of paintings inspired by the project and the aquatic pond environment

28 local primary school children took part in a hands-on learning session to plant the islands together. They learned about aquatic biology, water quality, nutrient cycles and environmental design in a fun and practical way. They collected wetland plants from the pond to be placed on the island and put together the entire central island in a group effort.

"The Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design presented a fantastic opportunity for us to work with Biomatrix and to explore the connection between nature, biodiversity and creativity. It was great working with Lisa and Galen to develop the idea which included an engaging learning programme for school children too."

Kresanna Aigner, Director Findhorn Bay Arts

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Image credits: Paul Campbell, Findhorn Bay Arts