Boggart Hole Park Lake Restoration

Location: Manchester

Client: Manchester City Council

Objective: Water Quality Improvement


Boggart Hole Clough lake was lined with concrete and brick, lacked planting and opportunities for wildlife. The water quality was lacking due to the absence of circulation and aquatic life. In 2014, poor water quality and anaerobic conditions led to a serious outbraeak of avian botulism, resulting in many casualties.


Biomatrix Water was commissioned to design and install a floating ecosystem to revitalise and transform the stagnant, ecologically low in quality water body. Several floating islands were implemented on the north and south side as well as the edges of the lake. The islands incorporated hanging sub-surface biofilter columns to create an artificial reef-like habitat for microorganisms, fish and other aquatic life. Also a fountain aerator was installed in the central area of the floating spiralled garden. Breaking up the large open water surface had the additional benefit of being less attractive to Canadian Geese and thereby attracting more native ducks and coots.


  • Secchi Depth < 0.5 increased to > 1.0 m
  • CODreducedfrom>40to<20
  • BOD reduced from 10 to 1
  • Invertebrate Study Score Community
  • Conservation Index increased from 1.3 to >12

Local children pond dipping