Dynamic Biofilter Media

Improve Water Quality

The Perfect Habitat for Biofilms to Grow

Within an aquatic environment the microorganisms that clean water need habitat, such as plant roots, in order to thrive and form into biofilm communities. Biofilms are highly effective at improving water quality. We have designed a proprietary media that provides the ideal habitat for growing and sustaining these biofilms.

Biomatrix Dynamic Biofilter Media has the maximum amount of surface area available for bacterial colonization. One meter of dynamic media equals approximately 15 m2 of root surface. There can be up to 9 columns of Dynamic Biofilter Media per m2, so there can be up to 135m2 of active biofilm surface area per m2 of floating ecosystem. This means that Biomatrix Floating Ecosystems have increased water treatment capacity, providing impressive water quality results.

Engineering Informed By Nature

Biomimicry in Action

The Dynamic Biofilter Media is inspired by the incredible species within a coral reef and the traits that help them to thrive.  The species we studied are:

  • Barnacle: Natural nutrient harvesting formation
  • Cilia:  Maximum surface area
  • Flaggela: Flexible form
  • Sea Urchin: Semi-rigid steel core provides tangle free movement
  • Kelp:  Natural movement, flexibility & strength
  • Balene: Biological filtration


Inspired by Coral Reefs


Product Information

The Dynamic Biofilter Media is made from a synthetic fiber that is woven into a column using stainless steel wire and is specially designed to offer the maximum amount of surface area available for bacterial colonization. The Biofilter Media columns can be attached underneath our Floating Ecosystems to enhance water treatment. The quantity of columns attached depends on the location, existing water quality and the requirements of the client. Our custom made weights insure that the media columns stay in place below the floating ecosystems.