Floating Ecosystems Bring New Life to Amsterdam City Council Offices

Floating Ecosystems Bring New Life to Amsterdam City Council Offices

A series of three Floating Islands bring new life and habitat to a canal at the Amsterdam Noord City Council offices. The Ecosystems were installed by the council support team working with Biomatrix and Havenhout.nl. The design reflects the contemporary architecture of the building and is situated directly outside of the staff cantine windows, a daily reminder of the importance of nature for council workers.

Floating Ecosystems installed in June and beginning to flourish in September

"Both the design process and the implementation went very smoothly thanks to good cooperation with colleagues and with Biomatrix Water. The design is well adapted to the environment and to the adjacent building. It was just great fun to realize this project! The island is now growing and flourishing and the first birds and butterflies are arriving.”

Sander Prins, Project Leader Amsterdam Nord City Council

The project is planted with native aquatic plants such as Carex, Scirpus and Juncus, as well as flowering species such as Filipendula ulmaria and Lythrum salicaria. The plants attract wildlife and pollinators. The roots of the plants provide surface area for microorganisms to flourish and help to improve water quality.

"I think that the Floating Ecosystems will give an impulse to nature in the City, providing new life, habitat and food. A lot of insects and birds have already found this new habitat."

Fred Haaijen, City Ecologist Amsterdam Noord District

Project Delivered for Amsterdam City Council. Project Support by Havenhout.nl