Providing essential sanitation services with nature-based solutions

Providing essential sanitation services with nature-based solutions

As an ecological wastewater treatment system operator, Biomatrix Water is an essential service provider and we are here to assure you we are doing our job to protect people and the environment in these challenging times.

The Natural Water wastewater treatment system we operate has been receiving its annual spring haircut.  Jack and Peter have been pruning and preparing the Floating Ecosystems in each ecological reactor tank in preparation for another year’s growth.

The system harnesses the power of nature and biodiversity to create an ecological fixed film bioreactor.  The extended hydraulic retention time helps to de-activate the fragile outer membrane of the enveloped COVID-19 virus without the need for chemical additives (WHO – Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for COVID-19 technical brief 03 March 2020).  We are glad to be able to work in harmony with natural systems to provide essential sanitation services.

While some installations are delayed, their plants are already growing

Because of current government guidelines we have had to delay some of this Spring’s scheduled installations. We hope to be back on the water soon, but at least we can be happy to know that the plants are growing with spring vigour and will be that much more vivacious when they do take float.