New Floating Estuarine Ecosystem Launch

New Floating Estuarine Ecosystem Launch

Last week Biomatrix launched a new type of Floating Ecosystem designed for saltwater. It integrates elements of salt marsh and estuarine ecosystems in a unique multi-level habitat. It is based in Liverpool’s historic waterfront at Wapping Dock.

Watch this short video to see the launch and to learn more about this exciting new product.

The island is planted with native estuarine plants in a unique exploration of the integration of floating ecosystems in saltwater docklands. It utilises our unique 5D Planting System and features multiple habitat types including elevated feature planters, lined rainwater catchment planters, submerged shallow gravel pools and submerged fish refuge structures from our friends at Ecocean.

The Installation is a part of Liverpool City councils “Urban Green Up” project, awarded EU funding to integrate ecosystem infrastructure within the city.  We look forward to seeing how nature will respond to this new habitat in the city centre.

"Green infrastructure has to be a key part of current and future cities.  Not only does it make for a more pleasant city but the environmental, social and economic benefits that green and blue infrastructure provide also help cities adapt to future predicted climate change impacts and become more resilient. In this context floating ecosystems can form part of a suite of options for cities wanting to increase their biodiversity and make their cities more liveable.

Working with Biomatrix has been great! They were able to support and advise us, sharing their experience and expertise so that the project delivered floating ecosystems of real value and scientific interest.  Managing many projects simultaneously for the city was challenging so the fact they stuck to their budget and delivered on time was much appreciated.

Of all the projects currently being delivered, we expected the floating ecosystems to be the most complicated, but in fact, it has been the most straightforward one so far! Overall we are delighted with the final islands and the process to design and install them and look forward to seeing them evolve."

Dr. Juliet Staples, Senior Project Manager URBAN GreenUP Liverpool City Council

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